MBSE at Bombardier Transportation: An Integrated Requirements Engineering, Functional and Safety Analysis Approach

Speaker: Mohammad Chami
Venue: Helsinki (June 4th 2015)

Constantly changing requirements for new developments and their approval, as well as the documentation for existing systems, require new approach for functional and safety analysis of railroad systems. The usual, continuous text-based methods quickly reach their limits. The focus is increasingly on model-based system engineering approaches, particularly with respect to serviceability, assuring consistency and supporting in change impact analysis.
This presentation demonstrates a real world application of MBSE at Bombardier Transportation for modeling the functionality of railroad systems and integrating it with requirements and safety analysis.

Mohammad Chami is a Modeling Expert at Bombardier Transportation, MBSE methods and tools department. His primary focus is on applying MBSE techniques to the design and development of railway systems. This includes defining and harmonizing the system modeling methods, providing training and coaching in SysML, its methods and MagicDraw tool chain for all Bombardier Transportation regions. He holds two M.Sc. degrees in Electronics and Mechatronics and currently pursuing his PhD at Toulouse University.

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