Forseeing the Unforseeable – Creating Clarity from Complexity

Speaker: Tim Weilkiens (oose), Stephan Raimer (oose)
Venue: Hamburg (May 20th 2014), Copenhagen (May 21st 2014), Stockholm (May 22nd 2014), Helsinki (May 23rd 2014)

The Internet of People was a revolution of the world: from new businesses to new social communities to real revolutions like the Arab Spring. In the engineering domains the internet changed the way we build software.
Now the internet empowers the next revolution of the Internet of Things. Will it again change business models? Will it change the way we build systems? What are the new paradigms of systems engineering?
The Internet of Services combines the world of People and Things. How it will change our engineering world?

We foresee that there comes a big change. But we don’t know what will happen. What can we do?
We can adapt methods to deal with complexity, dynamics and disruptive innovations. We will talk about the role of model-based systems engineering (MBSE) in that scenario and depict some MBSE methods for complex and dynamic environments. We will introduce Design Thinking as a method to invent new business models and products based on complete new base architectures. Design is not about whippings things into shape – it’s a way of working and an approach to identify innovative solutions with a strong user-focus.

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