Practical Aspects of Lean Management of Complex Programs

Speaker: Bohdan Oppenheim
Venue: Tour Speaker; he gives his talk in Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Hamburg, and Warsaw

The presentation is intended as a highly practical talk about Lean in engineering programs. It begins with a brief refresher of the classical Lean approach, including the meaning of value and waste in engineering programs, the Lean Principles, and some practical “low hanging fruit” practices for elimination of major wastes. Next, the presentation cites several powerful remedies to eliminate waste based on the SpaceX and other leading programs. The Challenges stifling efficiency in many programs are cited from [Oehmen, 2012]. Three appendices (covered to the degree time permitting) summarize the development process of the Lean Enablers, list all enablers with selected ones marked for discussion, and briefly summarize the super-efficient Lean Project Development Flow (LPDF) method for executing well-understood projects.