Verification & Validation of the Frigate’s F125 Mission System on the base of Requirements

Speaker: Piotr Malecki
Venue: Hamburg (15. April 2013)

As of 2016 the German Navy will successively start to operate four new Class F125 Frigates. This class of frigates has been designed by Blohm + Voss (today ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems GmbH). The frigate’s Mission System is specified by a set of approx. 7.000 requirements organized in a Requirements Model.

The V&V process desired for this program has to fulfil the contractually specified requirements on the process and provide the verification of the Mission System’s requirements. Basically the V&V process has to comply with the principles specified by the V Modell® XT which is applicable to all German governmental development programs.

The V&V process covers the two formal boundaries of customer/supplier relationship. This fact has major impact on the process. The participants involved in these boundaries have been fully involved in the process so far. The V&V process covers the complete Mission System’s requirement model at all system’s integration levels. As a result of this process, the customer will be supplied with the evidence of delivered system’s conformity with specified requirements respecting all contractually defined aspects.