Ontology Based Systems Engineering: Application to the Requirements quality management

Speaker: Juan Llorens
Venue: Hamburg (15. April 2013), Copenhagen (16. April 2013), Stockholm (17. April 2013)

Despite having the right experts, the right technology, the right project organization, the right technical review, etc. some projects are still facing schedule overrun, variable quality products, or, in worst cases, program cancellation. This situation is connected to the increase of complexity, evolving customers’ demands, new solutions to develop in a shorter time, etc. In this context, knowledge management and reuse are key challenges for complex systems development and management. Successful experiences in big organizations the recent past years have proved that knowledge must be in the core of modern systems engineering in order to develop complex reliable quality systems. Most companies try to formalize knowledge in databases, documents… but the main difficulty is usually to know what is available, where and what can be reused in which context.

Therefore, engineers demand “smarter” computer applications for better performing Systems Engineering. On our way towards constructing and managing better systems, we demand assistance of tools for helping us taking decisions. To manage this statement, Ontology Driven Systems Engineering can be the solution. To produce well written requirements is the starting point. The application of explicit knowledge representation structures (Ontology) to requirements quality assessment can provide solutions to well-known problems, like measuring CCC (Correctness, Consistency and Completeness). The proposed talk presents the fundaments and practical solutions to this problem, as well as practical examples of how to construct an ontology for requirements quality management, and for CCC applications.

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