Introduction to international RDS coding principles

Speaker: Henrik Balslev
Venue: Copenhagen (16. April 2013)

As one of the authors of the international standard series ISO/IEC 81346 (Industrial systems, installations and equipment and industrial products – structuring principles and reference designations) my proposal will be to introduce this international well recognised and fast growing principle for identifying objects unambiguously within the context of Systems Engineering. See for more information.

The 81346 is also recognised as the “RDS” standard (Reference Designation System), and it fit’s Systems Engineering very well, as it supports lifecycle and defines rules for structuring of systems. The RDS is developed over 40 years, and has reached a level of very high quality. It has developed from the field of electrical engineering back in 1970 to be a synchronization point across multiple engineering disciplines in 2009. It includes a common identification and classification technique for all disciplines, which has proven to be a very strong and straight-forward principle to be adopted by many different branches.

Working as a leading specialist on this subject, I will be happy to make a general introduction, link to the aspects of SE in general, and provide practical examples from various projects I have been involved in (please see our company homepage for references).

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