How to build a sustainable modeling culture

Speaker: Aurelijus Morkevicius
Venue: Hamburg (15. April 2013), Copenhagen (16. April 2013), Stockholm (17. April 2013)

Model Based System Engineering (MBSE) promises increase in productivity by shifting from documents to the models as the main means to develop systems. However, in order to reach this promise an organization needs to implement proper practices to enable productive modeling resulting in high quality models. Although modeling languages such as UML and SysML are already considered to be de facto standards, their usage is often immature and fails to reach the promise of MBSE. In this session we will present essential real-life findings in assessing modeling practices in various organizations. In order to succeed with MBSE approach, an organization needs to build a sustainable modeling culture, which enables incremental improvements in developing and using models. We will share practical ideas and proven recipes how to turn this wish into reality.

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