Systems Engineering Competence

Speaker: Jonas Hallqvist (SAAB AB, Sweden)
Venue: Linköping, Copenhagen, Hamburg

Many organizations say that their main asset is the competence of the employees. But how can you know what competence you need? How do you know if you have the right competence? To answer that question, some form of competence definition is needed.

Structuring the systems engineering competence is necessary to be able to have a common understanding, identifying the current status and future needs and developing a roadmap to meet those needs. The simple statement “we need more systems engineers” is not enough.

This presentation will contain a description of how systems engineering competence can be structured and assessed. The INCOSE Systems Engineering Competency Framework will be briefly presented. This framework was awarded Product of the Year 2018.

Jonas Hallqvist

Jonas Hallqvist

My work experience in Saab has evolved into Systems Engineering. As part of that task, I have achieved an international certification, Expert Systems Engineer Professional (ESEP). Part of my work, I am a member of a small team that is responsible for the System Engineering Processes, Methods and Tools for the entire Saab Group. Currently I am working as Systems Engineering Leader for a sensor system and assisting in planning the upgrade of a system that is in operational use. During 2013-2014 I was driving the transformation into a Model Based Systems Engineering environment. Prior to that I was manager for various system design departments and project manager for projects developing mainly hardware systems.