Simulation of an electric site with autonomous vehicles using a logical architecture view based on UAF and SysML

Speaker: Bilin Chen, Ida Karlsson, Lars-Olof Kihlström and Tom Strandberg (Syntell, Sweden)
Venue: Copenhagen

In order to reduce environmental burden and increase cost-effectiveness, the ongoing electrifaction and automation of industrial systems provide both opportunities and challenges for suppliers of traditional solutions. 

In a pilot project an electric site was developed by Volvo Construction Equipment with the goal to transform the quarry and aggregate industry by reducing carbon emissions by up to 95 % and total ownership cost up to 25 %. The goal is achieved by using electrical autonomous vehicles as the work force. 

In an effort to reduce lead times, from design to reality, a logical architecture of a quarry was developed using the Unified Architrecture framework and the Systems Modelling Language. The logical model contains all the essential elements existent in a quarry and describes core behavior to reflect the requirements needed in an electric site. 

This presentation will described the modelling approach and how optimization and simulation was introduced to evaluate different system solutions.