Increasing Engineering Competitiveness with Variant Management

Speaker: Robert Hellebrand (pure systems), Robert Lindohf (SAAB) and Tim Weilkiens (oose)
Venue: Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Hamburg

In this joint presentation by pure-systems, oose, and SAAB the audience will learn about the advantages of systematic reuse of engineering assets with the help of variant management methods and tools.
Robert Hellebrand will introduce the general methodology of feature-based variant management and demonstrate how to use the variant management tool pure::variants to control variability in engineering assets across the whole development lifecycle.

Tim Weilkiens will talk about the current variant modeling capabilities of SysML by applying profiles like VAMOS and about the variant modeling capabilities of the next generation systems modeling language SysML v2.

Robert Lindohf will introduce the product family management approach and cover the rationale for adopting it within Gripen E/F fighter aircraft development at SAAB Aeronautics. In particular, he will cover the interaction between product lines, i.e., the system simulator product line used in verification activities and the actual Gripen E/F product lines.