Model-based Product Line Engineering Solution With SysML

Speaker: Mohammad Chami
Venue: Local Speaker in Hamburg.

Variability Management is the discipline of managing multi-products for decreasing cost and time to market. Although Product Line Engineering (PLE) deals with this topic, its deployment still faces significant challenges. Until recently, Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is applied for enabling re-usability, serviceability and assuring consistency. This presentation demonstrates a MBSE approach at Bombardier Transportation based on SysML for defining, analyzing and configuring rolling stock product families’ variability and commonality in order to generate multiple specific products.

Mohammad Chami is a model based systems engineering expert with a solid academic and industrial experience in modeling languages, processes, developing and deploying methods for system modeling and customizing its tools. Currently, Mohammad is employed as a Modeling Expert at Bombardier Transportation, with a primary focus on the development and deployment of MBSE on operational projects across all BT divisions, leading the MBSE key users’ network and frequently giving MBSE training courses.