Introducing MBSE by using Systems Engineering principles

Speaker: Jonas Hallqvist, Jonas Larsson
Venue: Tour Speaker; he gives his talk in Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Hamburg, and Warsaw.

This is a presentation of a paper published, and awarded Beat Paper, at the International Symposium 2016. It is a true story that describes one possible way how to introduce MBSE into an organization. It is based on a real example from a development organisation in aerospace industry. In this example the start of the introduction of MBSE had an innovative enthusiasm, thereafter followed by stagnation of progress. A change in point-of-view on why MBSE should be used was made and as a consequence the entire work methodology was considered a Development Enabling system. At this point Systems Engineering principles were applied in order to determine the need and to find a solution. A description of pitfalls and other lessons are included but it will not cover application of SysML or any architectural frameworks. One point in this paper is that introducing MBSE is not a technical task, it is a change process affecting a very complex system where the most important system elements are humans.