NoSE 2017 in Helsinki

Please register here for the NoSE 2017 conference day in Helsinki at May 15rd 2017.

The venue is Fortum (Keilaniementie 1, Espoo).

There is an early-bird price of 100 EUR (members 70 EUR) if you register before 21 April 2017. After that the normal price is 150 EUR (members 100 EUR). Full time student price is 50 EUR. The price includes lunch and coffees.

Registration is done by sending email to hannu.snellman (at) Please, include your invoicing details.

See you at NoSE 2017 Helsinki!

One thought on “NoSE 2017 in Helsinki

  1. Tero Kaleva

    *Ilmoittaudun NoSE CONFERENSSIIN Helsinki at May 15rd 2017.

    Pekka Aarnisalo
    STE Analytics Oy
    Energiakuja 3
    00180 HELSINKI


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