How much of the interface traceability is needed in a System Architecture Description?

Speaker: Piotr Malecki (Thyssen Krupp Marine Systems)
Venue: Hamburg

During the development of a System Architecture, one of the crucial aspects is to express the interaction of the system parts via interfaces.

The description of a System Architecture by application of MBSE means is currently the state-of-the-art. For architectures having only one level/layer of abstraction (decomposition), the description of system interfaces appears a well-known task. Things become more challenging for system architectures having many levels/layers of decomposition. The interface traceability between each level of the system decomposition appears an important mean to understand and validate the Architecture Design.

The presentation gives an overview of the basic principles proposed by MBSE for the purpose of layered architecture interface traceability and sketches their pros and cons. The practical applicability will be shown and discussed from the perspective and experience of the author.