We cannot master complexity with a complicated process

Speaker: Colin Hood (Colin Hood Systems Engineering)
Venue: Hamburg

“We cannot master complexity, we have to avoid it“ Henning Butz 2011
“To increase quality, do as little as possible and as much as necessary”, Colin Hood 1989

Systems thinking is the art of simplifying complexity. It is about seeing through chaos, managing interdependency, and understanding choice. We see the world as increasingly more complex and chaotic because we use inadequate concepts to explain it. When we understand something, we no longer see it as chaotic or complex. (Gharajedaghi 1999)

Sometimes our experience and past success tend to reduce our ability to see challenges in new ways. Past success with “divide and conquer” processes can lead us to miss the importance of interactions and interrelated connections between the parts that we specify.
Do your processes concentrate more on responsibility for parts, or do your processes concentrate more on responsibility for interactions between parts and achieving more than the sum of the parts?

The role of systems engineering has never been more important than now.